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It has been the best kept secret of the week at the Tory conference: the secret hall where Boris Johnson will deliver his final rallying call to the party faithful.

Kept under wraps and shrouded in secrecy, the hall is much bigger than the one in which cabinet ministers have made their speeches since the conference opened on Sunday.

And there have been claims the prime minister is planning a Donald Trump-style rally, surrounded by his ministerial team and his adoring Tory supporters.

Mr Johnson is always greeted and feted like a rock star at the Conservative conference. In recent years, of course, he has been the king over the water, causing maximum trouble and embarrassment to David Cameron and Theresa May.

Now, as prime minister, he has to play the statesman, with some gravitas in between the jokes.

But he still has his old foes in his sights, attacking “decades of drift and dither” and claiming he is dealing with “the problems that no government has had the guts to tackle before”.

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Yes, Dave and Theresa, that means you, as well as Sir John Major and Labour prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

And the reception he’ll get? Bordering on the hysterical, no doubt, after he delivered the Tories their biggest Commons majority since Margaret Thatcher in 1987.

It is claimed the Conservative Party has always loved a glamorous blonde: Margaret Thatcher, Heseltine… and now Johnson.

So his speech will be box office, it will be barnstorming and no doubt a bit edgy too. And the party faithful will scream their heads off.

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