Bill Gates spoke to PM Khan and discussed polio eradication efforts in Pakistan

Microsoft founder Bill Gates spoke to Prime Minister Imran Khan Wednesday and discussed the polio eradication efforts in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

They discussed the current health situation in Afghanistan and expressed concern over efforts to eradicate polio in the country so that the people of Afghanistan can remain safe from the disease and also, to protect Pakistan’s gains towards the virus.

During the call, PM Imran Khan highlighted that more than half of the population in the war-torn country was living below the poverty line and is in dire need of financial assistance.

He asked Bill Gates to consider providing humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people, stated Radio Pakistan.

Gates also praised Pakistan’s efforts to eradicate the disease and at the same time, pledged his continued support against the disease so that no child in Pakistan is paralysed due to it in the future.

PM Imran Khan also reaffirmed his government’s commitment to end all forms of polio in Pakistan.

The PM told Gates that Pakistan had reported only one case of wild poliovirus this year and the progress against polio virus is positive.

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