Xbox Elite Series 2 controller on sale for $135, its lowest price to date

Xbox Elite Series 2


There’s nothing wrong with the standard Xbox controller for most games, but sometimes you really get into a game and you realize how nice an extra button or two would be. Maybe you’re in a racing game and you want paddles for shifting gears or you’re super into space flight games and you want more options for pitching or rolling as you fly. That’s what the Elite Controller was designed for, offering extra buttons which work with a ton of different games. These controllers can be a lot of fun, but they’re also pretty expensive most of the time. Most retailers have dropped the price of this controller from $180 to $150 this week, but if you add in this coupon from Target you can drop that price down to $135. 

The Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller is designed to be something you make entirely unique to your needs. The tolerances on each of the buttons can be manually adjusted so they move the way you want, and feel totally different from the other controllers you pick up. Several of the buttons can be replaced with a variety of different options based on the game you’re playing, and by the end of the set up you have something that is totally yours.

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