The closure of Facebook was a major setback for Mark Zuckerberg, who lost 6.5 billion

The closure of Facebook came as a shock to Mark Zuckerberg, who lost 6.5 billion

Washington (Daily Pakistan Online) The closure of social media websites Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp has cost the company owner Mark Zuckerberg about 6.5 billion.
According to Forbes Magazine, which estimates the wealth of billionaires, Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has lost 6.4 billion since the closure of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp on Monday. The list of billionaires has dropped one place.
The recent losses put Mark Zuckerberg’s assets at 6 116.3 billion, dropping him one place from the world’s fifth-richest man to sixth.
On the other hand, the Facebook company is also facing a big loss in the share market. In the stock market, the value of Facebook shares has fallen by 5.41% so far. Since the breakdown, Facebook’s share price has fallen by 18 18.67 to 32 324.45.

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