Alleged false case of drug trafficking by SHO, police officer lodged a report against the case in the same police station.

Alleged drug trafficking case by SHO, police chief …

Lahore (Daily Pakistan Online): The police station in Manga Mandi has registered a false case against an alleged drug dealer at the instigation of the police officer.
According to the details, cases against drug dealers in police stations are registered in the police complaint. Generally, any officer is made the plaintiff in this case. Two days ago, SHO Manga Mandi was informed by TSI Usman Asghar. Case of drug trafficking registered 1177/21. Sub-inspector Usman Asghar was not even aware of this. Upon learning of the FIR, police chief Usman Asghar lodged a report in the police station diary stating that he had no knowledge of the case. Be done
Taking notice of the report lodged by the police chief, the senior officers have demanded a report of the incident from the SP President as to why and how the case was registered.

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