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Promotions in Dubai take the concept beyond shopping to include a wide range of experiences. It pays off.
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Dubai is home to some of the best deals and shows anyone can imagine from any city. With five ‘super sales’ offering discounts of up to 90 percent and 150 days of festive promotions annually, the city has a very strong promotion system through its ‘Dubai Retail Calendar’.

Promotions, spend and win are combined for a success formula designed to deliver value for money to shoppers. Annually, the mall segment alone generates millions of dirhams in profits for affordable purchases at their outlets. Thousands of winners get vouchers for cash, cars, jewelry and free gifts with just a simple shopping spree.

Add some food too

Dining is now another area that rewards diners with free vacations, lodging, and memberships. The gradual reopening of the retail sector during the COVID-19 phase has helped growth return steadily since June of last year. Much credit goes to this success formula within the retail calendar.

Dubai raffles are world-famous. Commissioned by Dubai Economy, there are many spend and win promotions funded by industry partnerships. The offers are real and shoppers can buy world famous brands at cheaper prices in Dubai. The sophistication of these shows goes beyond traditional sales seasons.

Dubai has its own mega sale seasons in winter and summer with Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) and Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS). According to retailers, DSF marks an extra month in their calendar as sales during DSF typically contribute 20-25 percent of their annual sales depending on the sector they belong to.

Acceleration towards omnichannel

As one of the highest per capita concentrations of malls, retail outlets and souks, it’s no wonder Dubai is unique. In the jewelry sector, Dubai trade has the highest concentration of buyers from all sources such as India, China, Turkey and Italy, making it one of the most competitive places in terms of prices and selection. Jewelers buy their collections in bulk, which makes it possible for them to offer significant discounts. DSS 2021 features 130 jewelry outlets offering discounts of up to 75% on diamond sets.

This format works with other categories such as fashion, home, technology and lifestyle, as retailers pass on savings to customers. The Technology Tools category is a prime example of opportunities for seamless customer fulfillment in a multi-channel format. With the percentage of local shoppers increasing, these deals help eliminate old stocks even as the supply chain continues to be affected under the COVID-19 intervention.

The active emergence of online shopping platforms has added a layer of multi-channel shoppers. In the emerging ‘showroom concept’, retailers offer in-store and online offerings, with the focus on making sure the customer experience is maximized. In addition, Dubai offers value for money to its residents through government platforms – and he wondered why this is the time to shop, save and win…

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