An “above average growth story” is about to unfold. 3 stakes to play from a high performing fund manager.


Market front page

Today’s call comes from a fund manager who sees a growth story unfold in the coming quarters. Watch the full story.

European shares rose as travel stocks rose, as the European Central Bank pledged a low interest rate stance

European shares rose on Thursday as traders renewed their bets on economic recovery, ahead of the European Central Bank meeting in which the central bank will announce its intention to keep monetary policy loose for the foreseeable future. Watch the full story.

Only one US airline has been ranked among the world’s top 10 airlines – and here’s who came out on top

Airlines records amid the COVID-19 pandemic have taken the new order. Watch the full story.

Panama or Portugal – Which is your favorite expat for your retirement?

Often, he asks me why we left Panama and which country is better. Comparing two different countries is quite like comparing day and night, but I will try to give a brief summary of each, according to my opinion… Watch the full story.

We have $8 million to save for retirement, we’re in our early fifties and we want to retire early, but we’re worried about health care expenses – what can we do?

Do you have a question about your retirement savings? Email us at Watch the full story.

Monitor the personal financial market

The spacious five-passenger Volkswagen Passat sedan has two years of maintenance free, gets 36 mpg and saves you money in the long run over the competition. Watch the full story.

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