Photo with husband. Effat Omar got angry when she was called Aunty.

Effat Omar got angry

Pakistani actress Effat Omar shared a photo with her husband after a long time. The actress shouted at the user who said ‘Aunty’ in the picture.

She shared a beautiful photo of herself posing for a photo with her husband Omar. He wrote 2021 in the caption of the photo.

A user wrote in the comment of the photo for the actress that she looks like the boy’s aunt.

The actress got angry when she was called Aunty. She wrote, “Nothing good can be expected of you as you see yourself.”

As soon as he got a strong response from Effat Omar, the user also started giving his explanation, and wrote that he was just commenting on his age, and also wrote that he does not use all these items which is used by actresses to improve their looks.

The actress also wrote in reply that “all those things will not affect you.”

Remember that Effat Omar often adorns the news due to her bold and sharp comments.

Recently, the actress surprised the fans by revealing her real age.

Effat Omar said that she is not 40 but 49 years old and she is also enjoying it.

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