Careless cyclist crashes into bus


Dashcam footage captured the exact moment a careless cyclist crashed into a bus on a busy road in the Philippines. 

In a viral video, the bicyclist was riding with a group of other cyclists – one of them even indicated with his left hand before changing lanes.

The footage shows the bicyclist facing some difficulty to maintain his balance and not fall down after crashing into the bus. Fortunately for him, he managed to keep his balance and avoid any serious injuries.

However, the cyclist continued to change lanes without indicating even after the mishap with the bus.

According to ViralHog, the incident took place in Quezon city in the Philippines on Friday. 

Viewers were not happy with the way the cyclist behaved even after hitting the bus.

One user wrote, ‘Don’t feel bad, little kids have a bad habit of not always looking when stepping into dangerous situations. Wait, that’s not a kid, it’s an adult who thinks rules of the road don’t apply to them because they’re on a bike..? Ohh..’

‘Then proceeds to again merge without looking, can’t believe he has lasted this long…,’ commented another user.

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