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Shahzad Ahmed from Blue Ocean Global Group

Shahzad Ahmed of Blue Ocean Global Group: “As we have been working closely with Black + Decker on a range of small kitchen appliances, we saw an opportunity to manufacture non-stick cookware.”
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Dubai: One Emirati company is no longer content with being a distributor.

Blue Ocean Global Group started manufacturing Black + Decker cookware range after years spent distributing the brand as well as others in the region. The move to industrialization could lead to a large-scale plant in the UAE if the numbers prove favourable, according to a senior official.

Shahzad Ahmed, Chairman and CEO, said: “The global cookware market reached $11.84 billion in 2020, growing at 6.99 percent annually. If we can get a small slice of this business, we can create jobs in the UAE.

Currently, Blue Ocean Global is sourcing supplies from third-party manufacturers. “Since we have just started licensed manufacturing, we are exploring all possibilities. Since volume is low initially, we are currently outsourcing,” Ahmed said.

There are only two major players in the cookware category, and this segment is valued at around $600 million in the region and is growing at a rate of 5% annually.

– Shehzad Ahmed from Blue Ocean Global Group

big jump

Even so, from being a box drive to actually obtaining a license to manufacture is a huge leap. The manufacture of white goods and household appliances is all about economies of scale, and a factory in China, India or the Far East can easily provide this. Considering the Blue Ocean as a plant that can reach such a size is in itself a breakthrough.

He added, “Blue Ocean Global Group is a pioneer in the distribution of merchandise manufactured by global multinational brands. We have excelled in a large part of the supply chain.

“Manufacturing is a completely different area of ​​business and this is the beginning for us. That is why we wanted to be very careful with an initiative that was undertaken at the height of the pandemic. We are aware of the global economic situation – however, despite the pandemic, our initial stocks have been very well received in GCC markets.

The group currently covers 40 countries with a team of more than 50. It has a network of more than 100 distributors and 250 system integrators partners. In the UAE, the network extends to 400 retail chains.

The CEO said: “As we expand into the UK and the EU, we see a huge opportunity ahead. Once the pandemic is over we expect a huge rise in demand for the cookware sector. Our current production may not be enough to meet that demand – we will then have to look at Manufacturing opportunity.

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