Nathan Adler, Bevan Fox, Jay Simpson among the winners of the 2021 Indigenous Voices Awards


Nathan Adler, Bevan Fox, and Jay Simpson are among the 2021 Aboriginal Voices Awards winners.

The annual awards were created in 2017 to honor the work of emerging Aboriginal writers in Canada across nine categories in English, French and Aboriginal languages.

This year’s winners will receive a total of $39,000.

Adler won the $5,000 Publication Prose Prize in the English Fiction category for ghost lake.

ghost lake It is a collection of 13 stories comprising an interconnected set of characters and their brushes with the mysterious.

Adler is a Jewish Ojibwe writer and member of the Lac Des Milles Lacs First Nation. He was one of 150 Indigenous artists to receive the $10,000 REVEAL Indigenous Art Award.

The jury said in a quote: “Every story surprises. An absolute page-turner, and deeply engaging horror stories that leave you holding your breath. The sheer scope and sheer scope of what Adler has accomplished here is impressive.”

Fox Genocide Love: A Life After Residential School It won the $5,000 Publication Prose Award in English, Creative Reality Writing and Life Writing category.

Genocide love It delves into the long-term effects of childhood trauma on those who attended boarding school and demonstrates the power of the story to aid recovery and recovery.

Fox is a member of the Pascua First Nation. She is a writer, broadcaster, artist, motivational speaker, and yoga instructor. She published her first novel by herself, naked love.

“Fox’s writings will help others understand the power of early trauma to draw people into what can only be called ‘genocidal love’,” a jury quote read.

Afternoon Edition – Sask11:37Sask. Boarding school survivor publishes new book

Bevan Fox’s new book, Love of Genocide: A Life After Residential School, details her experiences at a residential school near Fort Qu’Appelle. It also details how she dealt with the trauma she suffered after leaving school. 11:37

It will never be okay Written by Simpson won the $5,000 Published Poetry Prize in the English category.

The book is a collection of poetry and prose that explores the intimacy of understanding intergenerational trauma, ancestry and anomaly, while addressing the urban diaspora of indigenous peoples and breaking the shackles of sexual understanding as a trans woman.

Simpson is a non-binary Oge Cree writer and member of the Sapotaweyak Cree Nation. Their work has been featured in This Magazine, Prism International, and The Room.

“Jay Simpson’s work is a very sincere and powerful message of love to NDN Children in Care, Transgender Youth, Indigiqueer Relatives, and many more,” the jury said in the citation.

Here is the full list of winners:

  • Prose published in English literature: ghost lake by Nathan Adler
  • English published prose, creative stories and life writing: Genocide love by Bevan Fox
  • Poetry published in English: It will never be okay by Jay Simpson
  • Unpublished English prose: Waiting for the long night moon by Amanda Peters
  • Unpublished poetry in English: The Indian Law (Adultery) and Other Poems by Samantha Martin Bird
  • French prose: Okinum by Emilie Monet
  • Poetry published in French: Viv et Sauvage by Shane Michael
  • Published graphic novels, comics, and graphic angles in any language: If you lose Written by Briana Jonny with Nahani Chingos, and illustrated by Neil Shankabo
  • Work published in the indigenous language: Shaman Apprentice: Inuktitut By Zacharias Konuk, illustrated by Megan Kiak Monteith

The jury members for the 2021 Indigenous Voices Awards were Jordan Abel, Joan Arnott, Carly Baker, Billy Ray BelcourtMichel Cobal, Margaery V., Marie-Andre Gil, Frances Langevin, Otoniya Juliane Okot BitekAnd the Katharina Vermet And the Michael Nicole Yahgulanas.

The Aboriginal Voices Awards are supported by Pamela Dillon, Penguin Random House Canada, the Geller Foundation, and the Association for Indigenous Literary Studies.

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