FIA exposes gang involved in credit card fraud with over 60 citizens – News from Pakistan


KARACHI: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has exposed a gang comprising of bank and courier company employees who were involved in credit card fraud with over 60 citizens.

The FIA spokesperson said that more than 60 victims of credit card fraud have come forth so far. Three accused in the credit card fraud have been arrested so far while efforts are underway to arrest the other criminals, the spokesperson added.

It emerged that the gang was comprised of private bank employees, a delivery boy of a courier company and a credit card agent. They continued committing financial crimes for two years by issuing credit cards of citizens through the national identity cards.

Later, the courier company’s employee kept possession of the credit card to give it to the gang leader. A private bank employee was found involved in making fake signatures besides sharing confidential data.

Alongside the said employees, a sales selection officer of the bank’s credit card department also worked as a member of the gang that has withdrawn more than Rs10 million from the credit cards of different citizens.

The senior officer has been tasked to verify the fake documents, whereas, the courier company’s employee was given the responsibility to verify the national identity cards and related documents of the citizens, it was learnt.

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