The poor will be the first priority in the budget, the finance minister said

poor first priority in budget

Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen while addressing a pre-budget press conference said that thank God that Corona has come under control and the economy has started recovering, the poor will be the first priority in the budget.

Addressing a pre-budget press conference in Islamabad, Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen said that last year the government itself said that our growth would be 2.1.

He said Corona re-emerged in February this year, with large-scale manufacturing showing large-scale growth due to the government’s decision to grant incentives, and large-scale manufacturing showing 9 per cent growth.

Shaukat Tareen said that remittances have crossed $ 26 billion at present. Remittances are expected to reach $ 29 billion. The economy suffered because of Corona. Remittances prove that Overseas is related to Imran Khan.

The Finance Minister said that remittances are growing by 29%. Remittances were sent to us by Allah Almighty as angels. Our current account is running a surplus, with foreign exchange reserves previously at $ 7 billion in 2018 now at $ 16 billion.

Shaukat Tareen said, “I can’t predict that we will go from grey list to white. Amazon has added us to the seller list. Monthly growth has been more than 50% for three or four months. We have set a budget of 5.7 trillion.”

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