The mass suicide of the whole family was also a very sad reason


The whole family’s mass suicide also came to light

Lucknow (Daily Pakistan Online) A family in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has committed mass suicide.

According to Indian media, the bodies of drug dealer Akhilesh Gupta, his Gavi Reshu Gupta, 12-year-old son Shuang and nine-year-old daughter Harshita were found hanging in the house in Shah Jahanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

According to police, Akhilesh Gupta also wrote a suicide note before committing suicide, saying that he was in debt and the pressure on him to repay the loan was increasing due to which the conditions at home were deteriorating. ۔

Police say the couple first hanged the children and then took their own lives. Police have registered a case against Akhilesh Gupta’s father for pressuring him to repay the loan.

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