Bushra Ansari and Janat Mirza came face to face on social media

Bushra Ansari and Janat Mirza
Bushra Ansari and Janat Mirza

Actress Bushra Ansari and Tik Tok star Janat Mirza came face to face on social media.

Recently, an FIA petition was filed against Tik Tok star Janat Mirza for cof the c saying that Janat Mirza should be arrested for c.

Bushra Ansari and Janat Mirza

Actress Bushra Ansari has reacted to the petition filed against Janat Mirza, criticizing her and calling her an ignorant star. “Unfortunately, she does not know Islam or any other religion.”

Bushra Ansari’s comment went viral on social media. Janat Mirza, while replying to Bushra Ansari, said, ” (Mother) please do not decide about anyone without knowing anything. I respect you very much but you can’t defame anyone like that without knowing the truth. How can you talk about Islam? Aunty, you are not running a Tablighi Jamaat.”

Janat Mirza further wrote that you also sing and dance. You did dance performances on award shows, but today you criticize others. Wow?

Realize today that you really don’t have a heart. All I can say is look at your collar before criticizing anyone. Take the time to know the truth first and then criticize. God bless you, Ammaa Jee (Mother). “

Bushra Ansari and Janat Mirza

Not only Janat Mirza but also her younger sister Tik Tok star Elishba Anjum has responded to Bushra Ansari’s comment via video saying,

“Bushra Ansari people see you, follow you and learn a lot from you. Are Don’t talk about Islam like that because singing and dancing are not allowed in Islam.

It’s just that Jannat made a mistake. Jannat was very sad about this. She apologized from the bottom of her heart and the matter was over. The people whom Jannat hurted, they apologised her.”

“Bushra Ansari, you are using such language and you are saying that you do not know Islam and you do not know other religions.

We are big sinners, we make Tik Tok on songs. But singing, acting and appearing in dramas and movies and showing yourself. In Islam, veil is obligatory for women, so why don’t you wear hijab? Stop acting, don’t sing, stop all this and sit at home.”

Jannat Mirza Accepted Her Mistake

In a follow-up video, Mirza acknowledged she had made a mistake, and clarified that the chain she donned came as a PR package, which she promoted without checking.

“My intention was never to hurt anyone, I found out through the comment section of my videos after posting them that the chain I’m wearing on my waist has a Christian amulet and I deleted the videos instantly after. It was my fault and I am accepting my mistake,”

she says in the video currently available on her Insta Stories.

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