Bahria Town under Fire – Storm on Social Media


Karachi: Two towers, main gate of Bahria Town, tyres and cars at showroom are put on fire allegedly by protesters at Bahria Town Karachi . Reportedly, protesters chanting slogans against Malik Riaz and Sindh Govt.

According to sources and social media reports, The people of Sindh whose lands were forcibly acquired for the construction of Bahria Town and some regional organizations of Sindh were protesting in Bahria Town Sindh against Malik Riaz and PPP chairperson Asif Ali Zardari.

Several buildings and vehicles were set on fire in Karachi by Sindh nationalist parties, labor and farmers’ organizations and victims during a protest against the alleged demolition of local goths by construction company Bahria Town.
Karachi police have arrested more than 80 people on charges of rioting in Bahria Town, with nationalist parties saying they include their activists.

Eyewitnesses have claimed on Twitter that their protest was peaceful but all this violence was carried out by the Bahria Town team under a well thought out plan.

While on social media, people are commenting on this tragic incident. Some are targeting Malik Riaz and the Sindh government, while others are commenting in favour of Bahria Town and its administration.

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