Video of 7-year-old ‘Spiderman’ takes the internet by storm


The Internet is not lacking in inspirational videos, as one of the videos showing a seven-year-old boy in India climbing walls like the Marvel superhero character Spider-Man is making rounds on the various platforms of social media.

A clip shared on Twitter by IAS officer MV Rao features a child attempting to climb a pillar. Though he slips several times, the little one makes it to the top and remembers to celebrate the achievement as soon as he hits the ground.

The caption to the video reads, “This kid is my guru.” Within 24 hours of being uploaded, the clip has garnered over 117k views. While several users mistook the child in the clip to be a girl, some in the comment section soon identified the kid as Arat Hosseini, a Liverpool Academy footballer. Arat is no stranger to social media and videos of his exercises and stunts performed under the supervision of his father have made a mark with Internet users.

The video is being widely appreciated by the users.

The video was originally posted on Arat’s Instagram page in 2018 and has garnered over 1.6 million views, so far. “Spiderman,” the original clip was captioned.

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