During the PML-N regime, Pakistani journalists were given a line at the government level that the Pakistan Army should be made like the Punjab Police

During the N-League regime, this line was given at a high level and regular work was done on it to make the Pak Army like Punjab Police.

“If we analyse the international events of the 1/3 century, it is clear that the international establishment first went and occupied Muslim countries. Destroyed the army there.

The issue of chemical weapons in Iraq is before the whole world. How they were declared terrorists, chemical weapons were claimed there. Governments there were dismantled and then new governments.” It was stated by renowned journalist Irfan Hashimi while talking to Pakistani lawyer and analyst Azhar Siddique on his social media channel.

Leading lawyer and analyst Azhar Siddique said judges like Iftikhar Chaudhry and Waqar Seth were part of the game plan. Chief Justice Waqar Seth abolished the sentences of terrorists and granted bail to dangerous terrorists. Present Supreme Court President Latif Afridi was the lawyer for these terrorists. The incidents of terrorism took place after the decisions of Chief Justice Waqar Seth.

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