The Black Screen office is planning to conduct nationwide consultations on underrepresented stories


The newly formed black screen office says consultations begin this month on efforts to build a “best practices” guide to tell the stories of underrepresented communities.

The bureau says “Being visible: an orientation for authentic and inclusive content” will seek national input on the representation of “black people, people of color, LGBTQ2 +, and people with disabilities” in film and television.

The goal is to understand how unrepresented societies “want to be seen, represented and then provide a set of directions to the industry”.

Interviews will be conducted through virtual focus groups and one-on-one conversations in English and French until September. Participants will focus on industry representatives and audience members belonging to underrepresented communities

The Black Screen Office was established last year with a $ 100,000 pledge from Telefilm Canada, and with support from the Bell Fund, as part of a plan to tackle systemic racism in the Canadian film industry.

The bureau says consulting with “Being Seen” will provide guidance to Canadian film and television creators on ways to “work with culturally sensitive content, determine when a story is their story to tell and create content that avoids stereotypes.”

The work will be directed by lead researcher Kelly Lynn Ashton, along with a team of researchers and interns.

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