Stocks are at all-time highs and the US economy is booming. So why is everyone afraid?


Market front page

All sorts of weird things keep happening in the financial markets, from bond yields that drop when they should rise, to the almost daily fluctuations between big picture convictions. It’s hard to manage money when everything looks so fragile. Watch the full story.

The semiconductor shortage is here to stay, but it will affect chip companies differently

A global shortage of semiconductors – the chips that power huge data centers, modern cars, and the myriad digital devices – has disrupted global manufacturing and is not expected to end soon. However, it is not a universal problem, as different sectors of the chip industry will continue to be affected by the shortage in different ways. Watch the full story.

These stocks are “cash cows” that give you a better way to play in the value sector

The cash flow approach is the best way to identify stocks with value in a modern economy, says Sean O’Hara, head of ETFs at Pacer. Watch the full story.

Who is laughing now? The epic boom in Dogecoin created millionaires overnight

Doge started a joke and now the entire coding world is laughing. Watch the full story.

These stocks allow you to take advantage of the hot housing market

Many homebuilders’ ratings remain low, while their upside potential is double-digit. Watch the full story.

Monitor the personal financial market

“We have five other siblings who are currently unaware of this arrangement.” Watch the full story.

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