Prince George’s filmmakers are getting Stephen King’s film festival endorsement based on his work


A pair of directors, Prince George, British Columbia, is still reeling from excitement to endorse the King of Horror for their project.

Stephen King posted a tweet showing his support for the Virtual Film Festival in Downtown British Columbia which will pay tribute to the author’s work.

The festival, named after Stephen King’s Rules, features 25 films based on King’s unpublished stories and will be hosted on YouTube.

When the author heard about the film festival, he simply tweeted: “This is amazing.”

“We were losing our minds. It’s as if the master was affected,” said Norm Quinn, one of the people behind Parker Street Cinema, Prince George’s film company that organizes the festival.

“I’ve been a fan of the King for a long time,” he told CBC North dawn. “[And] This film festival was a passion project between my partner … and me ”

Quinn said during production Doctor’s condition, Which is their own adaptation of King’s work, three years ago, he and his partner James Douglas discovered Dollar Baby Deal, a program run by King in which filmmakers are given non-commercial rights to turn one of his unpublished short stories into a movie for $ 1.

Usually, these films are presented at film festivals, but due to the pandemic, Quinn said he and Douglas want to find another way to showcase their work.

“Our idea was to do something during the pandemic that would allow these filmmakers, who can’t just show their films at festivals, to show them to the massive audience in the world – but also to provide people in isolation … 25 movies by Stephen King,” Quinn said.

He said they contacted King’s team to obtain permission to view the edited movies online, and were happy to have King’s personal support on Twitter.

“As story tellers … we want to share what we have made with as many people as possible,” he said.

Stephen King’s rules run April 23-25 ​​from 1-6pm Parker Street Cinema channel on YouTube.

Listen | Norm Quinn talks about the Stephen King Rules and the author’s endorsement of them North dawn:

North dawn7:43Stephen King endorses the Prince George Stephen King Film Festival

Organizer Norm Quinn was pleased when the famous author tweeted about his film festival online. 7:43

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