A Turkish artist opens up to the world with his “thought” in Moscow


It is always difficult to narrow the boundaries of the multidisciplinary art. While it can be described simply as the art form that creates a relationship across different disciplines, the use of different materials and processes to create a piece is the essential part of this collection. But the important thing is that multidisciplinary artists push boundaries, explore new ideas, and gain new experiences.

Ahmed Yajidar, as a multidisciplinary artist, takes new ideas and angles that can be traced back to his works that focus on art and design. Thanks to his diverse creativity fed by his background in engineering, the Turkish artist produces unique approaches that transcend the boundaries of sculpture. His series of sculptures using dead trees and artificial trees produced to environmentally friendly standards in his latest show “The Thought” may be a good example of his work blending with these original perspectives.

Ahmed Yajidar stands with one of his amorphous statues from
Ahmed Yajidar stands with one of his amorphous statues from the movie “The Fikr”. (Courtesy of Ahmed Yajidar)

Although human progress and the future of humans are a focal point for many contemporary artists, especially in recent times with complex and hot topics such as climate change and the effects and dangers of artificial intelligence, Yi ينظرider looks at human evolution from completely different angles and contexts in his sculptures in this show. But is it really possible for us to say something different about such an issue in the current state of the world?

It is vulgar to say that human progress against nature, or, more precisely, “modernization”, corrupts people. Instead of clinging to this cliché, Yiğider delves into his mind and examines how humanity has failed in relation to universal human issues even though his accumulated knowledge provides a major advance in his domination of nature and his conception of the universe. Focusing on our cumulative knowledge, Jijdar is neither looking for an answer or a reason for this failure nor revealing non-observant human behavior over centuries. Instead, he assesses this failure of human subjects as an “anomaly,” rendering his artistic approach authentic. This anomalous side of humanity finds a voice in the form of amorphous bits in the “intellectual”. These amorphous sculptures reflect the artist’s inner world and how the issue he raised evoked pessimistic and shocking feelings within his soul. Also, intriguingly, they bring an alien look of nature to the gallery as they meet the artist’s lower lines and struggle against it from time to time.

In series
In “Destructive Anatomy” of “The Mind,” Ahmed Yajidar removes anatomical lines from many basic and common distinguishing elements.

The exhibition “Intellectual Intel” was launched at the beginning of April at the Fine Arts Gallery at the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art in Moscow, one of the most famous contemporary art galleries in Russia. Mark Yijder’s entry into the international art scene. The exhibition also shows that the Russian capital has turned into an attractive art destination thanks to the efforts of its art galleries in the new era. Moscow has a unique aura and strong spirit. The Fine Art Gallery, on the other hand, is a highly esteemed and respected art institution with more than 100 artists of contemporary Russian art. That is why I was so excited and willing to open my exhibition at the exhibition despite all the challenges of the epidemic. “

Through this display, the artist’s amorphous pieces not only reveal his distinguished position as an artist with an exclusive point of view, but also bear some traces from Yajder’s life to the Russian lands. The artist’s interest in nature and human relations reflected in the exhibition, for example, is rooted in reality in the early periods of his life. His hometown, in the northeastern province of Artvin, and his hometown in the eastern province of Erzurum in Turkey, were the primary determinants for developing awareness on this issue for him of the wonders of the picturesque nature. Yajder said that he finds himself surrounded by nature whenever he closes his eyes, and said that he starts to really feel and understand in moments like these. “Then, I feel the need to express my experience. This is when and where art begins for me. If there are people, there will always be a need for an expression that will carry art.”

Multidisciplinary artist Ahmed Yajidar combines his engineering skills with a focus on design in his work.
Multidisciplinary artist Ahmed Yajidar combines his engineering skills with a focus on design in his work.

Besides, the precise and detailed lines on his sculptures that capture the imagination of visitors take their sources from the artist’s engineering skills. His knowledge in this area contributed to his artistic creativity, which helped him understand the material and develop an original technique, according to Yiğider.

Fight to survive

After exploring new approaches with the artist’s first amorphous sculpture series, the second series in “The Intellectual,” which Yiğider dubbed “Destructive Anatomy,” introduces new experiments by reducing biology. While applying some plastic intrusions to the wooden surfaces in these sculptures, the artist sometimes separates or isolates these hard surfaces using colors. He also managed to create a balance with the color combination, improving it by using special pigments that do not hide the nature of wood.

Yiğider says that this second series seeks to integrate human effort into existence and anatomy into a single conceptual and formal language. In contrast to the simple abstraction or simplification approach, it expresses the desire to cleanse the anatomical lines of many basic and common distinguishing elements, to reach the lowest point in the existence of anatomy and to search for new images that bless vision and thinking.

The “Cultured” exhibition will host international art enthusiasts in the thriving atmosphere of Moscow, which was once considered lackluster attracting little interest and respect from the West but has turned into a world cultural center until May 9th.

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