Covid ‘a long way from completion’ as cases rise and deaths rise – WHO


Although January and February saw six consecutive weeks of decline Covid-19 World Health Organization (Who is theThe President said that has reversed in the opposite direction, as last week it recorded “the fourth largest number of cases in one week so far.”

“We have now seen seven consecutive weeks of increased cases and four weeks of increased deaths,” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Tell Journalists at a regular media briefing.

Maintain physical distancing

He said that more than 780 million doses of the vaccine have now been administered globally, but many Asian and Middle Eastern countries have seen significant increases in infections.

While recognizing that vaccines are “vital and powerful” tools, the WHO chief emphasized that they are not the only tools needed to defeat Corona Virus.

“Physical distancing work. Masks work. Hand hygiene work. Ventilation work. Tedros emphasized that monitoring, testing, contact tracing, isolation, supportive quarantine and compassionate care – all work to stop infection and save lives.”

‘Satisfaction and inconsistency’

He stressed the need for a “consistent, coordinated and comprehensive approach” in combating the virus, and said that “confusion, complacency and lack of consistency in public health procedures and their application lead to transmission and cost of lives.”

The World Health Organization wants societies and economies to reopen, travel and trade resume, and instead ICUs flood and people die, which Tedros emphasized is “totally avoidable.”

The proven public health measures and robust regulations that have enabled countries to respond quickly and consistently, make clear that “COVID can be stopped and contained,” he said, adding that these countries are now able to enjoy sporting events, concerts, restaurants and see their families and families. Safely friends.

Increase vaccine production

At present, global manufacturing is not sufficient to deliver fast and fair vaccines and other essential health products, according to the WHO official.

Early in the pandemic, African countries agreed on a coordinated continental approach, “and now they are coming together for a coordinated approach to scaling up industrialization,” he said.

Tedros stressed the importance of investing in “sustainable and safe domestic manufacturing capacity and national regulatory authorities”, and emphasized that “what can be done today, must be done today.”

Note that the World Health Organization and its partners have established a COVAX In order to increase supply and build a sustainable vaccine manufacturing platform, he offered the United Nations agency technical assistance in assessing the feasibility of local production and access to technology and knowledge.

Bad choices

Despite the ongoing dispatches, some countries are reopening restaurants, nightclubs and indoor markets, with very few people taking precautions.

Moreover, the head of health at the United Nations noted that some young people seem to feel it does not matter if they contract COVID-19.

“Healthy young people have died. We still do not fully understand the long-term consequences of the infection for survivors,” he said, echoing reports of some mild cases that left long-lasting symptoms, including fatigue, weakness and anxiety.

While the pandemic is “still far from over”, Tedros said there are many reasons for optimism.

He pointed to the decline in cases and deaths during the first two months of the year as evidence of the possibility of stopping the virus and its variables.

He pointed out that “with concerted efforts to implement public health measures along with fair vaccination, we can control this epidemic within months.”

However, the WHO chief added that this depends on the decisions and actions that governments and individuals take every day, explaining: “The choice is ours.”

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