World Health Organization Photography Days in Turkey highlight refugees’ access to health services


Organized to draw attention to the importance of refugees and migrants accessing healthcare services on World Health Day on April 7, Days of Leave No One Behind movies began on the Internet on April 5 and will last until April 11.

The event, organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) in Turkey, with funding from the European Union and in cooperation with the Turkish Ministry of Health, aims to highlight the theme of this year’s World Health Day: “Together for a fairer and healthier world”.

The default event to be held at, Set to be accompanied by talks moderated by famous Turkish film critic Aline Tachsian.

The six feature-length documentaries and one feature film depict one of the greatest challenges of our time, the experiences of refugees / immigrants, through the charming narration of Cinema,The World Health Organization in Turkey said in a statement on Tuesday.

a poster
Award-winning “Ghosts of Hungary Island” poster by Gabriel Brady.

Among the seven films Karim Ainouz, winner of the Amnesty International Prize at the Central Airport THF Berlin Film Festival; Gabriel Brady, multi-award-winning “Ghosts of Hungary Island”; Wolfgang Fischer, “Styx;” Dia Genovese ”Wake up on Mars, Pre-screened at the Tribeca Film Festival; American director Michael Grace Steinberg ‘A place to breathe’ Alaa Mohsen “A new beginning” And “Hope” by Carolyn Rocker.

“The seven talks for each of the seven films that will be available online for a period of seven days will be moderated by Taşçıyan. The talks will take place with the participation of film crew members, Syrian health workers, representatives of the European Union delegation. To Turkey, WHO country office in Turkey and Ministry of Health officials. “.

The series of conversations will be broadcast online on the WHO social media accounts in Turkey. “This visual journey will certainly offer you a new perspective on current humanitarian crises and remind us how important it is to leave no one behind,” she added.

Poster by Wilfgang Fischer
Poster by Wilfgang Fischer “Styx”.

Meanwhile, the representative of the World Health Organization in Turkey, Pater Berdiklishev, celebrated World Health Day via social media, saying: “In the midst of a global pandemic, this year’s theme“ Building a fairer and healthier world ”has become more important, because we know very well that building such This world is only possible if we work together. “

Berdiklichev thanked the European Union and Turkey for their support in launching Days That Leave No One Behind Cinema, and said, “For Film Days, we have selected documentaries and thought-provoking films that will take you on a world tour to show how important it is to make healthcare services accessible to all refugees and migrants.” .

Noting that 2021 has been designated as the International Year of Health and Care Workers, he called on all decision-makers to “provide sustainable support to health and care workers who are working tirelessly in the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Also on the World Health Organization’s social media account in Turkey, the employee in charge of the United Nations office in Turkey, Alvaro Rodriguez, said, “We are planning to hold an online event focusing on a crucial issue: making health services accessible to all, as a basic human right! “

Poster by Michel Grace Steinberg
Michel Grace Steinberg poster “A Place to Breathe”.

He added, “With the theme of” Days Leaving No One Behind Cinema “, we will begin a journey with documentaries and films about the critical importance of providing health services to all, especially refugees and migrants.”

Rodriguez also noted that the UN Sustainable Development Goals “are our guiding principles and that“ Health for All ”is an essential part of them. As UN agencies in Turkey, we strive to achieve these goals with our partners and are determined not to leave anyone left behind. “

On his part, Ambassador Nicholas Mayer Landrott, Head of the European Union Delegation to Turkey, said on social media: “During the cinema days this week, we will witness the challenges faced by people who have to leave their homes … Health is one of the priorities of the European Union’s support for refugees in Turkey “.

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