Turkish women revive Roman mosaic patterns through workshops


An institution in southern Adana governorate is reviving The discovery of a Roman-era mosaic during excavations in the Cukurova region By teaching workshop participants how to apply mosaic patterns to a myriad of things, from clothing to ceramics.

The mosaics excavated and exhibited in the Cukurova region, which now cover the provinces of Adana, Ottoman and Hatay, are used as a subject for training women in the artistic design, jewelry and clothing workshops of the Adana Continuity Institute. Interns apply these mosaic patterns to clothing, jewelry, accessories, ceramics, and wooden and glass objects.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency (AA), Soheir Koskon, head of the institute, said that they are working on various topics with the trainees in order to keep the handicraft alive and pass it on to future generations.

Noting that they had applied Turkish carpet patterns to accessories in a previous project, Coşkun added that their latest focus is mosaics discovered in their area. “Rome was one of the most influential civilizations of Cukurova, so we chose it as our subject.”

As part of their latest project, the institutes organized study visits to museums in the provinces of Adana, Osmaniye and Hatay so that trainees could examine the mosaics on display there. Then trainees began working on depicting these patterns on mug sets, jewelry, caps, clothing, and more. So far, they have prepared a batch of about 60 pieces. “We are ambitious to do this,” Koskon added. “We plan to sell our pieces in museums.”

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