Combating Hate-Driven Movements, as Guterres urges, contemplate the Rwanda genocide |


in a Message In commemoration of the 1994 International Day of Reflection on the Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres He emphasized that everyone should “take a hard look at today’s world and make sure that we have benefited from the lessons learned 27 years ago.”

Over a million people were systematically killed in Rwanda, over the course of just 100 days.

“Today, around the world, people are being threatened by extremist groups bent on strengthening their ranks through social polarization and political and cultural manipulation,” Mr. Guterres warned, adding that while technology and technologies used by extremists evolve, “messages and rhetoric remain” the same. .

The dehumanization of societies, misinformation and hate speech fuels the flames of violence.

COVID-19 is fueling discrimination and polarization

Mr. Guterres stressed the urgency of addressing deep divisions, especially given the Covid-19 A crisis that has deeply affected the “full range” of human rights everywhere and further fueled discrimination, social polarization and inequality “all of which can lead to violence and conflict.”

“We saw what happened in Rwanda in 1994, and we know the horrific consequences when hatred is allowed to spread,” he said, calling on everyone to defend human rights and ensure full respect for all members of society.

“On this momentous day, let us all commit to building a world guided by human rights and dignity for all,” added Mr. Guterres.

Rwandans “rebuilt from the rubble”

The Secretary-General went on to note that after witnessing “one of the most painful chapters” in modern human history, the people of Rwanda “have been rebuilt from under the ashes.”

“After suffering unspeakable violence and discrimination based on gender, Rwandan women now occupy more than 60 percent of parliamentary seats – making Rwanda a global leader,” he added, also referring to Rwanda’s display of “strength.” Justice And Matching.

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