The release of women, abducted in South Sudan and hundreds are still missing


Since December, the United Nations Mission in South Sudan,The United Nations Mission in South Sudan, Works with agencies, with support from the United States and the United Kingdom, to broker peace between the Lou Nuer, Murle, and Dinka Bor ethnic groups.

This exchange came on the heels of a community-led peace negotiated in Jonglei state between the three sects.

More women have yet to be released

Abductions of women and girls have been frequent in Jonglei State, due to their economic importance in demanding payment of a bride-price in the form of cattle. The United Nations Mission in South Sudan in a Declaration Friday.

“The UN mission believes that up to 686 women and children were kidnapped during the clashes that took place between January and August of last year,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Stephane Dujarric Tell Journalists in their regular daily briefing.

He added, “Unfortunately, these kidnappings often involve sexual violence.”

After the recent peace conference in Peri, where traditional leaders, women and so-called “cattle camp” leaders discussed compensation for lost lives and the return of abducted women and children, the United Nations Mission in South Sudan said that UN helicopters helped transport freed women and children. So that they can be reunited with their families.

The kidnapped and released persons receive support from Save the Children, local NGOs, Empowerment and People Development Organization (GREDO) and Community Action Organization (CAO).

Preventing the “revenge cycle”

Noting that “kidnappings are a horrific aspect of the conflict in this region,” the head of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan and the United Nations Special Representative in the country, David Shearer, said that agreeing to release the abducted women and children “is an essential step to building confidence and avoiding Cycle of revenge. ”

The UN mission said this was the first part of a coordinated program to support United Nations Trust Fund for Reconciliation, Stability and Resilience To address the underlying drivers of inter-communal conflict that have plagued the Jonglei region for years.

“We support the efforts made to bring about the return of the remaining women and children,” concluded Mr. Dujarric.

More to track …
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