The newborn attends the Valima Parent’s Reception


Karachi: A newborn baby boy in Pakistan attended his parent’s parenting and history-making reception, ARY News reported.

A couple from the Hafizabad district in Punjab, Ryan Sheikh and Anmul, got married on March 14 of last year and the next day their wedding was scheduled to take place, but the provincial government imposed a closure due to the Corona virus on March 15, 2020, so that they could be received. does not happen.

Then the couple got a chance to complete their marriage rituals by arranging a reception on March 23. They appeared at the party with their two-month-old son, Muhammad bin Rayan.

Pictures of the couple carrying their little boy in Vallema have spread on various forms of social media.

Speaking on ARY News, Bakhabar Savera, the couple said they are happy to attend Valima’s reception with their son Muhammad bin Rayan. Ryan said, remembering the past, that they ran into trouble because their reception of Valima was nearly a year late.

“People kept wondering, when will the reception take place.”

The couple said they had a baby boy in January of this year. In response to a question, the bride said she was very happy after the birth of the baby and gained popularity on social media.

The bride said, “When I was a child, I always asked my parents where I was in their wedding movie.” But she definitely added that my son will not ask us this question when he is older.

The couple thanked everyone, especially their families, for making this event an unforgettable memory and extending the prayers for their bright future.



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