The bride drives her husband to in-laws, and the video has gone viral


The bride, Sneha Singh, avoids the rituals, as she leads her husband to Saasoral [in-laws’ home] After his marriage, the video for the entire episode went viral on social media and garnered praise from netizens.

The Kolkata couple – Sneha Senji and Saugat Abadhaya – tied the knot last month and shared a video on Instagram, showing the way the two had violated stereotypes. The video went viral, garnered over 3.2 million views, and garnered a lot of positive feedback from netizens.

The video showed the bride, wearing a wedding dress, taking the driver’s seat with Swagat sitting next to her. Later, she moves into her husband’s house, smiling and waving to everyone, as she breaks down an old marriage tradition.

Speaking to Indian media later, the bride, who runs a chain of cafes in the city, said that the entire episode at her wedding was a repeat of the first meeting when she brought him home despite his private chauffeur-driven car.

“I thought it would be awesome to do it at our wedding, too,” said the bride, as the couple has been together for the past eight years.

Sneha Singh said that she discussed the plan a month ago with her mother and potential husband, but later backed out during the wedding arrangements. “Saugat stayed on the wedding day and decided to continue with it because that’s how I wanted to complete my wedding.”

“Everyone was clearly surprised. Mostly, people were worried about how I fit in a car with a 12 kg lehenga!” The woman said of the response.

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