“?” Question mark on the PDM – PPP’s Gilani bypassed the PDM and became the Leader of Opposition


Islamabad: PPP’s Gilani bypassed the PDM and became the Leader of the Opposition. The leaders of the other ten parties including PML-N and JUI-F in the PDM remained stunned.

The reaction of the leaders of PML-N, PPP and PTI

The PPP has hurt the PDM by taking unilateral action. If Yousuf Raza Gilani wanted the post, he would have talked to Nawaz Sharif. The PPP filed the petition to the same chairman who had rigged the election and against whom they had taken the case to court. Ahsan Iqbal

Qamar Zaman Qaira reacted while talking to the media said that those who used to meet the Army Chief are complaining us today that we have compromised. In Punjab, PML-N and PTI share seats in the Senate by compromise and do not hold elections. Now keep telling us that we made a deal.

Shibli Faraz said that PDM does not exist. When you do politics of ego, stubbornness and hatred, people will gradually start moving away from you. The PPP did not respect or consult anyone, just tried to persuade itself, now it is a disgrace. When everyone is making their own decisions, there is no unity.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad Said that by putting everyone behind, the PPP has proved that politics is a game of intellect. The PML-N has lost before and will lose today. The PDM has finished.

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