Sarina Issa moved to SC to initiate contempt proceedings against Fowad Chaudhary for “extremely offensive” tweet

On Monday, Sarina Issa, the wife of a winning High Court judge, filed a petition with the Supreme Court to initiate court contempt proceedings against Science and Technology Minister Chaudhry Fuad Hussain for the “extremely offensive” tweet.

In a tweet earlier this week, Hussain said he had been “listening to the speeches of a High Court Judge (Judge Issa) at the Supreme Court for a week. [I] Answer, then the lectures will start [ranging from] We feel sad about being insulted.

“Sir, if you are also as fond of politics as your godfather Iftikhar Chaudhry (former Chief Justice of Pakistan), then resign and run for the Majlis member election. You will get to know both of them. [your] Popularity and acceptance, “Hussain said.

In her petition, Sarina said that Hussein, through his tweet, “confirmed that secret cameras were installed in the courtroom because he could hear everything that happened there. [it], Although not a single hearing was attended. “

She claimed that her husband was still a judge in the Supreme Court and not a “prisoner in the first instance,” adding that by referring to Judge Issa as a trial judge, the federal minister “committed contempt for this court and the judge sitting in this court. Tennis court.”

She also referred to Hussain’s use of the word Godfather in his tweet, saying that it is a term used for criminal gangs and mafia bosses, and thus “seriously offends the dignity and respect of this esteemed court.” [and] It constitutes a grave contempt. “

The petition stated that “Cha Fuad Hussain violated his ministerial oath, the Constitution of Pakistan, and mocked and mocked the former chief justice and the judge of the Supreme Court, and committed contempt of this honorable court.”

“If the judges of Pakistan’s highest court are humiliated, disrespected and abused by a federal minister,” she added, “the Twitter brigade under their command and fifth-generation war fighters are doing a much worse job.”

Sarina said that Al-Hussein “encouraged a barrage of attacks against Judge Issa,” and that he and others in the government wanted Jesus not to hold his government accountable.

She added that the minister’s tweets “present a fanatical and authoritarian government and an image of a powerless and powerful Supreme Court that has serious repercussions and undermines the independence and credibility of this honorable court.”

Sarina asked the court to file a court contempt lawsuit against Hussain, to appropriately punish him, remove him from his post and direct him to close his Twitter account.

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