Pakistan faces challenges in the current situation: COAS Bajwa

The Army Chief of Staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, stressed the need for a national security dialogue on Thursday.

The Center for Strategic Studies, while addressing the National Security Dialogue Gala in Islamabad, said that the role of the National Security Dialogue is not limited to the military at present, but rather includes other stakeholders.

He said that the world faces different types of terrorism today and Pakistan also faces challenges in the current situation.

Noting that boosting security expenditures is killing human development, General Bajwa said, despite its aggressive neighbor, Pakistan has held back from the arms race in the region.

He emphasized that despite security threats in the region, Islamabad spends less on defense expenditures.

Commenting on the situation in Afghanistan, the Office of Military Assistance said Pakistan is playing its due role in maintaining peace and stability in Kabul, as peace in Afghanistan guarantees peace in the region.

He called for a peaceful solution to the dispute in Kashmir to defuse tension between India and Pakistan.

After a long war on terror, Pakistan is on the verge of defeating this terrorist threat.

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