Voda Call to Stop Disqualification Procedure


The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Tuesday rejected a petition by Minister of Water Resources Faisal Voda seeking to prevent the Elections Commission of Pakistan (ECP) from hearing a disqualification case filed against him.

After a preliminary hearing, a Supreme Court panel of two justices issued notifications to the ECP, the federal government, and other defendants to submit their comments to the Vawda petition by March 16. The case of ineligibility filed against him.

The minister appealed against the decision of the Pakistan Election Commission of 24 February, and said that the PCP had rejected his request against the facts of the matter.

Foda argued, “The ECP is not authorized to hear complaints against me.” He added, “The Executive Committee rejected my protesters.” The European Court of First Instance is hearing three complaints about the dual nationality of Faisal Fouda.

Attorney Jahangir Khan Jadun, the petitioner’s attorney, alleged that Voda lied in the 11 June 2018 written affidavit he submitted to ECP prior to the 2018 elections that he had renounced his dual citizenship.

He said that the minister was a US citizen at the time, but he presented an affidavit, adding that he holds US citizenship even when his nomination papers were under scrutiny.

The petitions seek to remove Foda from public office under Section 62-1 (f) of the constitution.

Earlier, the Supreme Court in Islamabad announced that it could not exclude Voda after his resignation from the National Assembly seat.

Nevertheless, the court directed the ECP to rule on the issue of submitting an alleged false statement by the Minister with his nomination papers for the July 2018 elections.

Voda won the 2018 general election from NA-249 constituency in Karachi.

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