Malala partnered with Apple to produce dramas, comedies, and documentaries


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Malala Yousafzai poses for photos during the G7 Education and Development Ministers Summit in Paris, France, July 5, 2019.
Image Credit: Reuters

Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai has announced that it is expanding its partnership with Apple to produce dramas, children’s series, cartoons and documentaries that will be broadcast on the tech giant’s live-streaming service.

Malala, 23, and her new company Extracurricular Productions are joining the growing list of content creators on Apple TV + including Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Will Smith, Octavia Spencer and Jennifer Aniston, the iPhone maker said in a post on her website on International Women’s Day.

“I hope that through this partnership, I can bring new voices to this stage and to this stage,” Malala told Reuters in an interview. “I hope more guys and girls see these shows through me, and get inspired.” Apple produced a documentary on Malala in 2015 and collaborated with the Malala Fund in 2018 to promote secondary education for girls worldwide.

In 2009 when she was 12, Malala wrote under a pseudonym for the BBC about living under the rule of the Pakistani Taliban. In 2012 she survived a shooting in the head by a Taliban gunman to crack down on her attempts to deny women an education.

In 2014, she became the youngest ever Nobel Peace Prize winner at the age of seventeen. In 2018, the association launched a digital newsletter for girls and young women available on Apple News.

I graduated from Oxford University in June.

“I believe in storytelling because it was a part of my life,” she said. “It was my story that inspired so many people around the world to realize that not all girls can get an education.”

On the 110th anniversary of International Women’s Day, Malala said that women around the world should take a pause to appreciate all that they have achieved.

She said, “I want every girl and woman to be proud of herself, and to be proud of all that she has achieved in her life.”

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