IHC takes over the case of Indian spy Kolposhan Jadhav today


Islamabad: The Supreme Court of Islamabad will hear today the petition requesting the appointment of a lawyer for Indian spy Kulpushan Jadhav today, ARI News reported on Tuesday.

The High Court of Islamabad (IHC) consisting of Judge Ather Men Allah, Judge Amer Farooq and Judge Miyangul Hasan Aurangzeb will hear the case at 2:00 p.m. today.

Although the notifications were issued several times, the Indian Embassy did not provide any response regarding the appointment of a defense attorney for Kolboshan Jadhav.

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In the previous session, the court appointed her friends to legal aid in the case. Mr. Abed Hassan Mantou, Hamid Khan and the Prosecutor General did not provide their response.

On July 22, the federal government petitioned the Iraqi High Court to request the appointment of a defense attorney for Kolboshan Jadhav.

The Medina In its August 7 ruling, he said, “We have appointed Mr. Abed Hassan Manto, Mr. Hamid Khan, the chief attorneys of the Supreme Court and former presidents of the Supreme Court Bar Association, Mr. Makhdoom Ali Khan, Senior Lawyer of the Supreme Court and former Attorney General. Pakistan, as friends. For the court to obtain our legal assistance in general, and in particular, to ensure that the judgment of the International Tribunal is effectively implemented. “

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Later on October 1, Chief Advocate of the Supreme Court (SC) and Former Attorney General of Pakistan, Makhdoom Ali KhanAs friend of the court in the case, he was exempted from legal aid to the Supreme Court.

Jadhav was detained in Pakistan after his arrest from Balochistan in a counter-intelligence operation on 3 March 2016. During the investigation, he confessed to his involvement in terrorist activities inside Pakistan that resulted in the loss of many precious lives.

He also revealed the role of RAW in sponsoring state terrorism in Pakistan.



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