More than 16,000 new companies joined the Dubai Chamber in 2020


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Dubai Chamber. More than 16,000 new member companies joined the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2020.
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Dubai: More than 16,000 new member companies joined the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2020.

In 2020, the Dubai Chamber has seen a return on its investment in digital transformation over the years. The Chamber is digitally equipped because it made 98 percent of its essential services available online, enabling it to serve its members and clients remotely and efficiently.

The Chamber’s performance numbers, achievements, and key activities in 2020 are highlighted in a brand new interactive and dynamic annual report.

Digital transformation

During the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Chamber launched the #BeSafeWorkSmart campaign, encouraging companies to implement preventive measures imposed by the government and providing valuable guidance on the transition to remote work.

The Chamber processed more than 659,000 electronic transactions during the year, with more than 78% of customers having to wait less than 5 minutes for service to be served. In March 2020, it launched the electronic certification service and authentication of signatures on documents. This seamless digital transformation was a reflection of the room’s ability to rapidly adapt to global changes due to its technological readiness.

In cooperation with Google, the Dubai Chamber has unveiled plans to acquire 50,000 local companies online by listing them on Google My Business and training them in digital marketing. This initiative helped 100,000 companies across the Emirates to validate it over the past two years.

A separate partnership has been established with Amazon to help Dubai Chamber member companies expand their digital presence, take advantage of new business opportunities and learn about the benefits of selling online.

Business support

The value of exports and re-exports to members of the Dubai Chamber amounted to 185 billion dirhams, and the corporation issued 632,436 certificates of origin last year. Meanwhile, 2,914 ATA notebooks, worth 3.3 billion dirhams, were issued and received for the room. The Dubai Chamber, in cooperation with Dubai Customs, manages the ATA Carnet system, which facilitates the temporary entry of imports into Dubai.

In line with its role as the voice of the business community, the Dubai Chamber has reviewed 62 local and federal draft laws and ministerial decisions during 2020, with the aim of ensuring a favorable business environment.

The organization’s legal services department received 334 mediation cases, 148 of which were amicably settled, while the Dubai International Arbitration Center, on the initiative of the Dubai Chamber, received 230 arbitration cases in 2020.

Hamad Buamim, President and CEO of the Dubai Chamber, said: “The Dubai Chamber remains fully committed to supporting companies in Dubai as they adapt to the new reality and provide access to new growth opportunities at home and abroad.”

Challenges related to Covid

Electronic seminars and virtual events organized by the Dubai Chamber throughout the year addressed a wide range of issues affecting businesses in a timely manner, such as banking and finance, the legal implications of Covid-19 on business, new measures to ensure employee health and safety, and best sustainability practices. .

A notable example of the Dubai Chamber’s proactive approach to using innovation to curb the spread of COVID-19, and help companies drive growth, is the Rapid Response Initiative – a new online marketplace for personal protective equipment (PPE) registration, which has seen a 340% increase in registration. After it was launched.

During this period, the Chamber established new channels for constructive and open dialogue between stakeholders in the public and private sectors. These platforms provided an opportunity for companies to share their concerns and policy recommendations. These efforts have supported the Chamber’s position of being the voice and advocacy of the private sector on its behalf with the aim of ensuring a favorable business environment in Dubai.

Expanded startup support

Through the Entrepreneurial arm of the Dubai Startup Hub (DSH), the Dubai Chamber has ensured that SMEs and entrepreneurs receive all the guidance and support needed to overcome new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities. A total of 2,166 entrepreneurs took advantage of the Dubai Startup Hub programs in 2020, 19% of whom are Emiratis. Through a fully digital transformation, the Dubai Startup Hub increased the value of services to the startup community and hosted 48 webinars and virtual events during the year.

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