Four injured in a TikTok shooting in Faisalabad


Faisalabad: At least four people were injured after fighting broke out between two groups in Faisalabad over TikTok, the popular video-sharing app, ARY News reported.

According to the details, the accident occurred on Saturday evening in the Faisalabad district, resulting in the wounding of four family members with bullets.

A TikToker user known as Zain used to create TikTok videos with his friend Solomon. Suleiman’s mother identified as Fawzia arrived at the home of her son’s friend TikToker and complained with Zayn’s mother that he was spoiling her son. [Suleman] By recording useless TikTok videos.

This led to an altercation between them and Zain’s mother, who became angry over the complaint of her son and began beating and torturing Fawzia alone.

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When Tik Tucker Suleiman’s mother, Fawzia, arrived at her home, Zain’s mother, along with other women and an armed man, stormed Fawzia’s house and opened fire.

As a result of the shooting, four family members, including a minor girl, were wounded.

Those who opened fire and attacked Fawzia’s home were Zain, his mother, Khurm, and five other women. The victims were identified as Sonia, Shahnaz, 10-year-old Taiba, and Ghulam Shabir.

The police have opened an investigation and registered a case against the accused.



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