Novak Djokovic pushed Daniel Medvedev to win the ninth Australian Open


Novak Djokovic continues to dominate events at the Australian Open.

In a dominating performance on Sunday in Melbourne, Djokovic defeated Daniel Medvedev in a 7-5 6-2 6-2 win to clinch his ninth career at the Australian Open.

The victory also put Djokovic in 18 Grand Slam singles titles of his career, two titles behind Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in the most men’s singles tournament ever.

Medvedev fought an early break in the first set, which was a tie 5-all before Djokovic fell in love and then broke Medvedev.

There were many lengthy exchanges at baseline that lasted at least 10 hits in the opening set, and Djokovic had an 8-5 advantage on those points.

Novak Djokovic wasted little time securing his ninth career at the Australian Open.

Medvedev then destroyed his racket by hitting him to the field after he missed a comeback to fall 5-2 in the second set. He broke to start that set but Djokovic fought four games in a row to dominate the match.

Contribution: The Associated Press

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Novak Djokovic beat Daniel Medvedev to win his ninth title at the Australian Open

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