Frustrated Andy Murray says he “never watched” the Australian Open after missing an event due to a positive Covid test.



Andy Murray’s pain was so great with his efforts to compete in the Australian Open that he refused to watch from the other side of the world and did everything in his power to avoid the tournament altogether.

Murray was Banned from traveling to Australia After a positive Covid test made it impossible to adhere to the country’s strict biosecurity protocols. Instead, he started his year in the less-healthy Biella Challenger in northern Italy, where he lost to Ukrainian Ilya Marchenko in the final.

Determined to demonstrate his ability to climb the ladder and succeed at the highest level after multiple injury problems, Murray is now back on ATP Tour duty at the Open Sud de France on Tuesday with a first-round match against Belarusian Igor Gerasimov. But there was still a strong sense of discontent that he was unable to prove himself in his first major tournament this year.

He was asked about his judgment on Novak Djokovic Straight sets victory over Daniel Medvedev I had been training and watching very little of the Australian Open. I hadn’t seen anything because I wanted to be there myself. It was a struggle to be honest. I stopped following all the tennis players that I have had. I follow them on social media because I didn’t want to see them. ”

Absent from nine of the last 13 major leagues, rookie Murray is seeking a chance to prove he can still compete with the best in the world, insisting he is “pain-free” during his recent career in the Final in Italy.

He said, “I’ve played and trained with a lot of great players and I know how to face them.” “If I smoked while I was training and playing with men, I wouldn’t continue to do so. But I know the level at which I play.

“Obviously, I haven’t been competing with the world’s top 10 players, but I’ve been playing and training with players between the ages of 20 and 60/70 in the world who are doing quite well, and that’s far from barely playing matches for the past two years.

“Provided I can stay in shape for a while and get good training and matches, I don’t understand why I wouldn’t be able to compete with the best players. I wish I could prove it in Australia because I was prepared to do so. No doubt I was on Ready to do so. “

After he had already spoken about his frustration in Believing he contracted Covid at the National Tennis Center In London, Murray also revealed the ongoing difficulty caused by the disease – from which he has fully recovered – while trying to travel from country to country to participate in tournaments at the mercy of various government systems of Covid.

“The problem is that you can still test positive after three to four months of being infected with the virus,” he said. “That actually made things more difficult. It’s a concern.”

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