Secret revealed: Munch writes “crazy” in his hit movie, The Scream


The National Museum of Norway has discovered a new secret Norwegian painter Edvard Munch “The Scream” is one of the most famous works of art in the world. According to the museum, the inscription on the original painting dates back to Munch himself.

Someone wrote in Norwegian: “Only a madman can paint!” In pencil in the upper-left corner of the famous painting, completed in 1893. “It is easy to imagine scenes of indignation when confronted with“ The Scream, ”as he takes a pencil and expresses his opinion of the artwork and its origin. The National Museum wrote on its website on Monday. This was not the case.

Instead, new analyzes using infrared technology have found that Munch himself wrote the words.

This undated published photo shows the image of “The Scream” made by the curator of the National Museum of Norway while using an infrared scanner in pursuit of uncovering the author of the writings hidden on the original painting of “The Scream” by Eduard Munch in Oslo. (AFP photo)

During restoration work after the museum closed, the painting was extensively examined in preparation for reopening in 2022. The researchers said they had demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that the artist’s handwriting matched the artist’s.

Munch Gallery for “The scream” He led his peers to question his mental health at the time.

“The inscription can be read as a satirical comment but at the same time as an expression of the artist’s weakness,” said May Brett Golling, curator of the National Museum. “The writing on the final painting shows that Munch’s creativity was an ongoing process.”

Munch drew four versions of “The Scream.” The most popular versions include the original painting mentioned above and a later painting from 1910.

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