United States: Three killed in gunfire at a weapons store in New Orleans


A man opened fire at a weapons store, killing two people, before being shot dead by agents and employees.

Police said a man broke into a weapons store in a suburb of New Orleans, and shot two people dead after customers and employees opened fire on him in response.

The shooting occurred on Saturday at the Jefferson Gun Outlet and Shooting Range in the suburb of Metairie, according to a statement from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Joseph Lupento said that the shooter first hit two people in the store, and then several people – employees or agents – shot the shooter, killing him in a parking lot outside the building.

Outside the building, a man was then seen behind the yellow police tape shouting, “Where is my son?”

Rifles and ammunition are sold in the front of the outlet that faces a major road through Jefferson Parish, while clients who go to Venice Square generally head to the side entrance to the building.

Port personnel often wear a side gun.

Lupinto said two other people were wounded by fire and were taken to hospital in stable condition.

“We are trying to put it all together,” Al-Sharif said during a short briefing with reporters.

None of the dead or wounded were immediately identified, and details remained unclear.

Investigators are looking for evidence at the location of the Jefferson Gun Outlet shooting in Metairie [Matthew Hinton/AP]

Tyrone Russell and Wanetta Joseph were attending a concealment-and-carry course at the store when they heard what they both described as rapid fire. They said the gunfire was much louder than the usual gunfire they used to hear from the shooting range.

“We heard the shots and the screams,” Russell said.

When the police came, they took us outside. I could see glass everywhere … it was like a really scary scene. ”

“It was very loud, almost like a bomb,” said Joseph, who with other students hid under a table – not knowing if there were many shooters or if one was near the classroom. One of the instructors stayed with the students while two others left the room and directed towards the sound of gunfire.

People interact at the shooting site [Matthew Hinton)/AP]

Russell said that when he was taken outside, he saw a man “lying” in a parking lot not far from his car, which had been hit by a bullet. He described seeing shattered glass and bullet casings strewn around the store.

Warning tape surrounded the action to prevent bystanders from approaching the scene, as ambulances and several law enforcement vehicles converged. A nearby restaurant has been evacuated.

Authorities remained at the scene as night fell.

Metairie is a major suburb of New Orleans, about 8 kilometers (5 miles) west of the city’s famous French Quarter, in Jefferson Parish’s neighboring jurisdiction.

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