Human Rights Watch again exposes India’s ugly face to the world and stated BJP government’s actions have stoked communal hatred, created deep fissures in society


Author: Muhammad Sajjad Munir

New York (HRW): Human Rights Watch again exposes India’s ugly face to the world. Human Rights Watch has published a report against India on 19-02-2021. The report details how minorities, especially Muslims, have been discriminated, oppressed and abused by the Modi government and extremist Hindus in India.

Farmers’ protest in India

The report also describes how the Sikhs protesting in the Indian Punjab after the Modi government’s anti-farmer legislation are being declared “Khalistani” by the Indian government and extremist Hindus.

The report calls the Citizenship Act 2019, enacted by the Indian government, anti-Muslim and states that for the first time in India, religion has been declared the basis of citizenship through this legislation. The constitutional sovereignty of Muslims in the Muslim-majority state of Kashmir, which is under illegal occupation of India, has been declared null and void.

Muslims of Indian Occupied Kashmir are fighting for their freedom

India has been threatening to deport Rohingya Muslim refugees to Myanmar since October 2018. The report also states that Indian states have enacted laws against cow slaughter to victimise Muslims to be subjected to illegal trials. Extremist groups affiliated with the BJP kill Muslims and Dalits only on the basis of rumours of cow trade or slaughter.

Rohingya Muslim refugees in India

Recently, anti-conversion laws have been enacted in BJP-ruled states to take action against Muslim men who convert Hindu girls to Islam for marriage.

Human Rights Watch has stated that these actions violate domestic law and India’s obligations under international human rights law that prohibit discrimination based on race, ethnicity, or religion, and require the governments to provide residents with equal protection of the law. The Indian government is also obligated to protect religious and other minority populations, and to fully and fairly prosecute those responsible for discrimination and violence against them, Human Rights Watch said.

“The BJP government’s actions have stoked communal hatred, created deep fissures in society, and led to much fear and mistrust of authorities among minority communities,” Ganguly said. “India’s standing as a secular democracy is at serious risk unless the government rolls back discriminatory laws and policies and ensures justice for abuses against minorities.”

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