Young men killed in a cricket match lead to a gun battle


Mandy Bahaa El-Din: In a horrific development reported earlier on Thursday, a clash between young men playing turned into ferocity as some men allegedly shot, resulting in the death of a young man on the spot, ARY News reported.

Police who took note of the incident shared details that the fight broke out in the middle of a cricket match as the violent turn of events resulted in the death of one man.

Separately, on the same day, a Home Station (SHO) officer in Mubarakpur city was arrested earlier due to allegations of harassment of a family while they were struggling to bring a case related to the abduction of their two daughters.

According to the details, a man whose two daughters were allegedly kidnapped, wrote to the Deputy Inspector General in Larkana after the SHO did not facilitate Anis Sheikh Al Mazloum.

In response to the request made by the victim’s father, DIG attached a written note with his petition and its directive for him To return to the relevant SHO to file the case, but again to no avail.

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