The Cabinet approves an increase in the salaries of government employees


The Federal Cabinet approved an increase in the salaries of 370,000 government employees from the first to the sixteenth grade, while regional officials will not benefit from this step.


The decision came during a meeting of the Federal Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday, during which views were exchanged on the economic and political situation in the country.

According to the sources, Federal Minister of Defense Pervez Khattak informed the Federal Cabinet of the salaries of government employees. Also, during the meeting, a report was presented on the organizations ’executive heads and heads.

There are up to 80 senior positions vacant in various ministries, divisions and departments that Prime Minister Imran Khan, having noticed vehemently, rebuked the concerned secretaries.

He asked the prime minister why the chiefs were vacant and ordered that responsible be identified.

Given the prime minister’s update on the coronavirus vaccination campaign, he said that vaccination should take place without any discrimination – and standard operating procedures for coronavirus should be implemented.

Moreover, a briefing session on the Islamabad metro bus service project has been postponed to the next meeting.

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