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Brady or Mahums? Our Predictions for Chiefs v Buccaneers Super Bowl

Will Tampa Bay be the first team to win a home championship? Or will the defending champion retain his title? This year’s Super Bowl boasts some of the best talent in the NFL, including, clockwise from left, Patrick Mahoms, Terek Hill, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Composite: Reuters, Getty, AP What Presidents Need to Do to Win … Be the President. This may sound lean, but no team has given more credence to the “Flip-of-Switch” theory than heads this season. When they are fully related, when they are in their full position as their boss, there is not much any other team in the league can do to stop them. There are flaws in defense, but at some point, Patrick Mahomes will get the ball. Even with excellent defense, Tampa would have a hard time slowing Mahomes-Hill-Kelce’s Triple Throws down. OC With the potential for their first two offensive interventions outside of this match, the Bosses will be hard on the edge. Look for Andy Reid to request lots of screen passes to take advantage of the speed and shift in his appearances and receivers – especially Tyreek Hill. AL Win the battle of transformations. Brady threw three protests against the Green Bay Packers, but the packs were only able to score on one of the properties that followed. If the Bucs did so against KC, this game could be over quickly. HF get rid of the deep ball. He kept two lockers on the field so the Bucs had to run. You can’t play chicken with Brady like The Packers did – it only ends in one direction. Well, unless crime explodes too. Reid will need an extra splash of deception to Flummox Tampa. This or get rid of it to Hill. GS What do players need to do to win … shorten the match. The Bucs have proven they can switch between a number of styles this season. They can win their exceptional defense. They can count on Tom Brady to comment on a shootout. Against the Chiefs, although it will not be entertaining, they will have to rely on the running game to extend the drives against the weak bosses front in order to contain the results streak. Get Brady in the ultimate drive with a chance to win the game should be the plan. OC Sic Jason Pierre-Paul, William Gholston, and Ndamukong Suh in backup Chiefs Treatments. Mix it up a little at the beginning. (Deliveries to Leonard Fournette & Co are highly anticipated.) Take advantage of every opportunity to hook up with receivers on the field, a focal point for Bruce Ariane throughout the season. If Antonio Brown is looking for a time to shine, this is the time. AL Brady’s doesn’t want to enter a throwing competition with Mahomes at this point in his career. Its advantage will lie in its experience. He doesn’t want to be a pure game manager here, he’ll have to call some long balls to win, but if he’s focused on playing right rather than trying to play big, his team has opportunity power. HF Tampa must play according to his strengths and start the attack early and often. They have pedigree – nine sacks and two wins over Rodgers this season – and the Mahomes can slow down by attacking an offensive line that misses both essential tackles. You risk dying with a thousand wounds in the form of Terek and Travis but Todd Bowles must be brave to curtail Kansas City’s scoring. GS Key player for the Chiefs… Patrick Mahomes. Of course it’s Mahomes. Going with everyone else would be a lover’s choice. Bucs can play the perfect game plan. They can play as imaginable on either side of the ball. However, if Mahomes appears and plays at his best, there is nothing anyone can do to stop him. OC other than the obvious? Let’s go with Tyrann Mathieu, whose power of anticipation and interruption gives Ed Reed’s main feelings. He, not Mahomes, is Tom Brady’s true opponent – and Honey Badger will make the Goats pay for all those 50 to 50 balls he likes to throw so much. Matthew Brady intercepted a diagonal ball in the Week 12 match. Al Travis Kelsey. We talk about Brady v Mahomes, but what about Kelce v Gronkowski? Since Gronkowski’s (temporary) retirement, Kelsey has struggled to overtake him as the best tight-fitting final in the league ever. A Super Bowl victory over a dwindling Gronk would be a symbolic touchstone, but it wouldn’t hurt his cause. HF Terran Matteo. We can be certain that Brady will take the dangers in the air, so Matthew’s ability to diagnose and destroy roads of the future must shoot to disrupt a passing Tampa attack. Putting Brady under pressure to second guess whether Matthew would jump the road constantly might frustrate the veteran warrior into making costly mistakes. GS Key player for the Bucs… Todd Bowles. Not a player, but Bucs’ defensive coordinator. The Tampa defense played championship level throughout the season. There aren’t a lot of schematic fireworks. Instead, Bowles relies on a core set of plays and all of his players play to the highest level possible. Against Mahomes, he’d need a few wrinkles or a fresh look in order to create a negative play or two. OC Lavonte David, one of the best midfielders the game has ever seen. His ability to lock onto ball carriers and stop or even reverse their momentum at times should be particularly beneficial against Unit Chiefs adept at piling up on large yards after hunting. His side-to-side range would be the key to keeping the curvature principles up but not breaking for Todd Bowles. Al Leonard Fortnite. Fournette was snapped by Jaguars and a backup came to Tampa Bay. Now he puts his best runs of the season into the playoffs, including a stunning landing against Green Bay. It would be a great touch or other downturn, but if he can pick up a lot of yards on the first touch, the playbook will open wide for Brady. HF A shooting nods despite the cannons falling into Raymond James Stadium (Can’t you shoot the bosses too? Why should I care so much about the cannons?).) Bucs can bully the Chiefs ‘defense using Mike Evans’ superior size and power in the Red. The extra attention he receives will also create holes for others to collect points. GS One’s bold predictions … The Weeknd has more than one song. I mean seriously? The Weeknd? For the Super Bowl? Am I too old now OC Someone will pull a trick play. Either the Chiefs build on the iconic “Four Tops” they appeared on the 49ers last year, or the Arians demand a spooky response. Either way, you’ll love the football’s love language. AL What about the first quarter without points? After all the talk about this offensive confrontation, both sides might get anxious about the performance immediately, we see a lot of triples, some offensive mistakes and even a missed field goal in the first 15 minutes. HF Tony Romo highlights Bill Belichick in the crowd wearing the Jack Sparrow Mask as a camouflage. Of course, Romo can’t contain his enthusiasm and organizes a joyful encounter on the field after Brady hoists a Lombardy car without his one-off mentor. Bilisik will say, “This is my son.” GS will be the end result… Chiefs 31-24 Buccaneers. The combination of Brady and Bowles is the best you can hope for in trying to dislodge Bosses from their perch. No one is able to stop the Chiefs, but all the Bucs need is a defense that slows down the Mahomes-Andy Reid’s machine, even in case of possession or two. Tampa has the talent and staff to be able to implement such a plan. I have Bucks giving Brady a chance for final possession but soon. The Chiefs’ attacking power, even with all the goodness of Bowles, is overwhelming. And even when the plays are disrupted, no one is better than Mahomes outside of the script. The Presidents turn back and Mahomes reclaims their second MVP award in a row. OC Heads 30-29 Hackers. With Mahomes ‘characters exposed on the edge, one can easily see Bucs’ defense forgets about the QB wheels until it’s too late. Whether it’s by snapping a large yardage or buying time to shoot arrows at Cheetah & Co, the Mahomes will eventually take their heart. Al Bosses 34-17 pirates. Look for the teams to keep them close for a while, but by the fourth quarter, leaders will take the lead and salt the way with one of the Mahomis bursts he jolted twice in a jiffy. Heads of HF 30-33 Pirates. I said it mid-season and I’ll say it again, Tom Brady and Boxer would win the Super Bowl. Picking against Brady is a fool’s job especially now that he’s underrated. Six titles and your squad not a favorite is a testament to how good the bosses are but Brady will have the final say in the game with a last-minute lead and maybe QB is really the best. At the same time next year, Tom. P

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