In Saudi Arabia, the devilish killers did not even respect the Adhan


Two devilish people killed the muezzin while giving the Adhan of Isha

All Muslims around the world, whether they are murderers, sinners or perpetrators of grave sins, respect the Adhan when they hear it, and consider it a reward to hear it. However, a tragic incident has taken place in Saudi Arabia in which the devilish people did not even think of ending the Adhan and brutally killed the muezzin while giving the Adhan in the mosque.

The Saudi newspaper Al-Marsad reported that according to the police, the incident took place in Harazat area near the Jeddah. Where two people stabbed the muezzin to death for unknown reasons when his cAdhan was not even completed. These savages, full of brutality and lack of faith, stabbed the old muezzin several times in the neck and severed him from his body and then fled the scene.

According to police, the slain muezzin was 60 years old and had been performing the sacred duty of giving azan in a mosque in Harazat for many years. He was stabbed to death by two men from the area and then fled, leaving him to die. Police immediately launched an investigation and it was revealed that two persons residing in the area were involved in the incident.

According to the police, why the accused committed this bloody incident, the facts in this regard could not be revealed at present. An investigation has been launched, after which the motives for the murder will be revealed. Users on social media termed the incident as shameful and said that whatever the case may be, it is a grave sin to kill the muezzin while giving the Adhan. Synonymous, this horrific incident deserves less condemnation. Another social media user said that these people not only committed murder but also did not care about the sanctity of the Adhan. These brutal criminals should be punished as much as possible.

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3 months ago

!You could be a little inaccurate. Will you add some more detail for me please? 🙂

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