Police: 17 quantities of hashish, opium and weapons seized during the raids


Sahiwal: The Sahiwal Police Department on Monday shared its monthly performance record that includes recoveries, bidding, and strikes through November, ARY News reported.

Provincial Police Officer Tariq Abbas Qureshi said today that police have so far recovered stolen and stolen items valued at 110 million rupees while arresting 132 alleged gang members, including 32 gang leaders.

Qureshi said that we recovered 12 Kalashnikovs, 49 rifles, 29 carbines and 1,215 pistols in all of the November raids.

He added that 14 stolen or illegal cars, two trucks, 249 motorcycles and one tractor were also recovered in operations, adding that in cases of theft they had recovered more than 10 million rupees.

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On the other hand, the Narcotics Control Bureau said, in drug trafficking cases, the department seized more than 12 items HashishMore than 17 kilograms of opium in its raids.

Qureshi from Sahiwal Police said that more than 10 million rupees of stolen cattle were also seized.



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